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Volunteer ShoppingRecovering from a stoke or a brain injury is very hard work…it doesn’t just happen. CCCR volunteers provide help that is vital to the success of our clients and our programs. We are always looking for volunteers who like to learn, like to smile and don’t mind getting their hands dirty sometimes! We value and provide great learning opportunities for bright students who are studying in fields of rehabilitation, counseling or psychology. Finally, if you’re a retired teacher, your skills could prove to be invaluable to someone in need of reading, writing and math skill development!

How our volunteers help:

  • Reading Partner – If you love to read and want to help others regain their ability to do so, this could be for you! You bring the passion, we’ll show you how!
  • Skill Builder – Help people practice skills such as math, reading, writing and communication.
  • Office Assistant or Material Developer – Assist the CCCR staff with making customized materials for individuals. If you enjoy cutting/pasting or even helping with the design of games and other materials, this area may be for you!
  • Group Assistants – Provide assistance with groups or with specific clients needing a little help in groups, such as our book clubs, talking groups, creative arts opportunities, etc.
  • Computer lab assistants – Provide guidance and assist with people working in the computer lab.
  • Community Buddy / Advocate – Many people recovering from a stroke or brain injury often feel isolated. They can’t get out as much as the may like, or the may feel uncomfortable going shopping or to a movie by themselves.
  • Fundraising Star – If you have background in sales, business, or fundraising, or you would like to help with special events related to the fundraising necessary to keep CCCR in operation, WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

If you are interested in becoming a CCCR Volunteer, click here to Contact Us, or call (336) 283-9197.

Let us know about your interests and talents!