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The Carolina Center for Cognitive Rehabilitation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The primary purpose of CCCR is to provide low-cost, long-term, post-traditional treatment for individuals who have experienced a non-degenerative brain injury (e.g., stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.). To this end, the staff of CCCR make use of a wide range of interventions, programs, activities, and methodologies in accordance with the particular needs of the individual client.

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  • To be the organization of choice for adults seeking long-term recovery from the effects of stroke or acquired brain injury (TBI), by helping adults gain functional skills through customized therapy interventions based on the individual’s home, community, and work.


  • To enhance and improve the general quality of life and employment skills for those individuals who have experienced a loss of cognitive abilities.
  • To create a more informed public about the importance and challenges of long-term recovery from stroke and traumatic brain injury.



  • To provide low-cost, post-traditional treatment to individuals who have experienced a stroke or an aquired brain injury.
  • To assist in relearning cognitive skills that have been lost as a result of stroke or their brain injury.
  • To help individuals become independent and interdependent using skills they already have or will attain.
  • To provide grassroots programs that educate and inform the public on the importance of long-term cognitive rehabilitation.


We have a dedicated Board of Directors that works hard to ensure CCCR is on track to assist as many people as possible. Some members have had a stroke. Some are caregivers. All board members strongly believe in CCCR’s purpose and mission.