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Restore HOPE!

If you have had a stroke or an acquired brain injury, hope for a better life is here!

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LEARN New Skills!

Discover opportunities and methods to overcome obstacles!

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You can live a productive life after a stroke or brain injury. Let us help you!

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Strokes or other acquired brain injuries change the lives of individuals and those around them. Many find themselves lost in a sea of unknowns and isolation after the trauma has passed and medical care has ended.

Through our community of professionals, peer mentors and volunteers, we show survivors and their families that regaining skills and achieving a better quality of life is possible.

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After a stroke or a brain injury, individuals find that roles can change. Things that were easy to manage or taken for granted can seem impossible.

We help people learn that, while roles may change, they can discover new opportunities and ways to overcome obstacles. We help them recognize strengths and weaknesses, and to learn how to live a better quality of life.

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One of the most difficult obstacles individuals face is discovering and redefining how they can lead productive, higher quality lives. We offer real world solutions that help survivors discover new opportunities and regain independence.

Our motto is “We work to restore your quality of life after a stroke or brain injury.”

Watch this short video to see how we help people thrive and grow after a stroke.